Belimo Plattenhof case Horgen


The replacement building project Plattenhof is a strategic project for residential solutions that particularly focuses on cost-efficient technologies for indoor climate control. In contrast to the Apartimentum pilot house, we used a minimalistic approach to find a solution for social housing projects and cooperatives.

The Plattenhof pilot house project comprises three buildings and three construction phases. The Plattenhof pilot Case 1 includes 26 apartments in total. Each apartment is equipped with components connected to a logic intelligent component to ensure cloud-connectivity and optimal comfort throughout every apartment, in terms of indoor temperature and fresh air supply. Commissioning for all 26 apartments was undertaken in three hours with Belimo’s Web App, which is QR-code readable and NFC verified. This was the first time data was transferred from the App via Cloud to Sharedlogic Nodes.


Centralised control


These intelligent components are connected to the centrally controlled and optimised air-handling unit. Optimisation is made possible by newly developed, integrated logic controllers and the data processing of all available signals. The facility is connected to a secure cloud that also enables remote operation and maintenance information insight.



  • Use of cost-efficient technologies for indoor climate control in social – and cooperative building projects
  • Floor controller comprising hard- and software for climate control in up to four apartments
  • Each apartment equipped with components connected to a logic intelligent component to ensure cloud-connected control and optimal comfort
  • All components connected to the Belimo Core Cloud