Belimo Apartimentum case 2 hamburg


The second phase of the Apartimentum project in Hamburg comprises 19 micro apartments and two penthouse apartments. It highlights the many benefits of autonomous HVAC systems in an age where people are always on the go.

Today, commissioning and maintaining multifamily houses is a complex process. Achieving data performance transparency is difficult, and much of the works needs to be done manually by all concerned – including residents – to enable optimal levels of comfort.


But, at a time where life is very much on the go and people are always busy, Belimo has tested a solution that will help change the status quo. This new cloud-connected solution in Apartimentum Case 2 incorporates sensors in one plug-and-play HVAC solution. Its operation demonstrates great potential to realising and maintaining the best levels of comfort without hassle or stress.


A clear sense of airflow requirements


The primary goal of the Apartimentum Case 2 project is testing air flow regulation and how it can be autonomously regulated to according to each apartment’s CO2 levels. In daily life, this constantly changes depending on the number of people in any room. Sensors register the levels and adjust airflow automatically, so that if no one is present, airflow is reduced to a minimum. This saves energy and eliminates manual ventilation, while optimising comfort – particularly in winter.


Apartimentum Case 2 HVAC applications are interconnected and communicate with the Belimo cloud to enable a clear visualisation of energy consumption and KPIs for system performance, easy configuration through an intuitive and convenient user interface, automatically generated system performance reports via the Cloud and, of course, the highest quality thermal comfort.



  • Intelligent ventilation control that eliminates manual ventilation by use of CO2 sensor technology
  • Energy cost reduction through demand-controlled exhaust air volume flow control
  • Intuitive and convenient user interfaces ensure thermal comfort