Belimo Apartimentum case hamburg


Belimo's HVAC solution in Hamburg brings the Internet of Things in residential buildings to life, increasing comfort and performance.

By using Belimo’s well known and proven valves and actuators, pressure independent heating, ventilation and cooling in the Apartimentum building, together with intelligent communication technologies, we were able to develop a system that provides the highest possible indoor comfort and air quality.


Achieving full transparency with plug & play technology


We used plug & play technology in Apartimentum to reduce installation and commissioning times, and the availability of data to optimise overall system performance. This combination of connectivity and increased system intelligence enabled us to reach our goal of full transparency, while giving the building’s residents individual control of their indoor climate via Belimo’s Web App on their iPads.


The availability of data and the messaging function using cloud technology also gives building operators fast and easy control over the HVAC system. This real-time availability of room climate and system data means better control of the central air-handling unit and heat pump, which can be optimised based on demand. The result is a significant reduction in energy consumption, maintenance, as well as shorter analysis and problem solving.



  • Complete room comfort solution for air/heating/cooling
  • Belimo Cloud live for the 1st time
  • Web App: complete tablet operation
  • Cloud-2-Cloud communication with Google Nest
  • Plug & Play simplifies commissioning with Belimo MP-Bus interface and Ethernet IP
  • Every single room on the top floor is controlled according to demand for heating, ventilation and cooling
  • Chilled ceilings in top floor units